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The Ngātahi Education Initiative

The Ngātahi Education Initiative


Children with bright futures

by the year 2022


Low-Decile Whangarei Schools

In Northland's Tikipunga and Otangarei communities

I Have a Dream are currently working on a new ‘proof of concept’ in Whangarei, Northland – The Ngātahi Education Initiative, meaning together as one.

Our Ngātahi Education Initiative commenced in 2015 with all Primary and Intermediate aged children across 4 low-decile schools in the suburbs of Tikipunga and Otangarei. Together with the schools we will illustrate that significant social change is possible. Our long term intention is to shape education and social policy so that similar initiatives can be rolled out to all high needs children nationwide.

The goal is to forge a pathway into tertiary education and/or employment for each and every participating child, regardless of their family’s social or financial circumstances.

Our full-time Navigators follow the children through primary, secondary and tertiary education to provide consistent academic oversight, advocacy and support. Navigators have a formal relationship with the participating schools, engage with the children’s families and communities, and providing services for kids that give them the life skills and academic support they need to succeed.

Ngātahi’s design draws on I Have a Dream’s 35 years of evidence-based research into positive, effective interventions that change the trajectory of children’s lives.

Education is a proven social investment able to break inter-generational cycles of poverty. By offering the services of our consistent caring Navigators for the 15 years of their schooling life, we help to ensure that each child graduates with the academic and social skills to successfully transition to career or further study. This will ensure that they become positive role-models who add value to their communities, increasing economic and social outcomes for our country.

Every child needs a significant adult that believes in them and holds high hopes for them. Our goal is to provide that positive influence, not just for a moment, but throughout their entire educational journey

Ant Backhouse, CEO

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